Self-Consistent Calculations - Elasticity of Multi-phase Aggregates

We would like to proudly present you an open-access web-based application calculating integral elastic response of texture-free multi-phase polycrystalline materials. We call our new software tool SC-EMA with the acronym standing for Self-consistent Calculations of Elasticity of Multi-phase Aggregates.


The package uses single-crystalline elastic constants Cij as input parameters and calculates macroscopic elastic moduli (shear and Young's) and Poisson ratio of both single-phase and multi-phase aggregates employing self-consistent mean-field methods. Crystallites forming the aggregate can be of cubic, tetragonal, hexagonal, orthorhombic, or trigonal symmetries.

The SC-EMA package is based on an easily extendable Python modular library that offers, next to actual homogenization calculations, also a set of publication-level visualization tools that are use to depict directional dependencies of single-crystalline Young's modulus or (in case of cubic crystals) also area modul of elasticity.

In case of multi-phase polycrystalline composites, the shear moduli are computed as a function of volumetric fractions of phases present in the aggregate (see Figure above) and accordingly visualized.

The application has built-in criteria that are checking the mechanical stability of phases based on input single-crystalline elastic constants. Elastic moduli are computed together with their bounds as determine by Reuss, Voigt and Hashin-Shtrikman homogenization schemes.

The use of our software is free for non-commercial applications but users are asked for a proper acknow-ledgement, i.e. citing our three papers as listed at the "Terms of use" page. Please start your calculation here.